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Can anybody shed a light on tomato in the picture? My friend has grown them for years but has no idea where it comes from or it's name.
Fruits can be up to about 20cm long and 5cm diameter and have very few seeds.




Hi, welcome to g o y, are you sure the picture is of a tomato?, it looks more like a chilli pepper to me, and apart from the lack of seeds, can see nothing wrong with it, Derek.

7 Sep, 2013


It's definitely a tomato and no there's nothing wrong with, in fact they are very tasty.

7 Sep, 2013


Sorry, never seen a tomato that shape, so can't name it or say where it comes from, Derek.

7 Sep, 2013


I think this may be a variety of paste tomato, possibly Hogheart, found in USA.

7 Sep, 2013

7 Sep, 2013


Thank you all for your replies. i have come to the conclusion that it is a Jersey Devil!

9 Sep, 2013

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