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Rose help please.
Previously growing in a pot - I temporarily heeled this rose into the border last autumn. Completely forgot about it and it was smothered by the surrounding plants this year. I've removed the surrounding plants and would really like to save it rather than get rid.
It's only got 1 stem, which appears to be healthy enough. It flowered earlier in the season and is about to flower again.
Can I encourage it to produce more stems, or am I best to get a new plant. It's Rosa Princess Alexandra of Kent. Thanks.

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I would nurture it - I can't see why it wouldn't recover, but I have no special tips, sorry! Good luck :)

8 Sep, 2013


I agree,Scottish..but I don't think it will have made a decent root system yet,so maybe leave it till next year.?.I left mine for approx the same length of time,then planted them in their permanent positions the following big and strong,,good luck from me too :o)..

8 Sep, 2013


Thank you both, will see how it gets on next year!

8 Sep, 2013

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