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Evergreen upright shrub
Hi, I'm looking for some evergreen shrubs that are upright rather than spread too much. They are to put in a very narrow bed (about 30cm wide) along the edge of the lawn against a fence, so I want something that will grow upwards rather than out too much and collapse onto or shade the lawn too much. The bed is a very sunny spot with free draining soil. Any ideas very gratefully received.



30cm is only about a foot, which rules out free standing, taller shrubs, because they need to be 12, but preferably 18-24 inches away from any fence behind. Even Berberis 'Helmond Pillar', which is probably the narrowest one I can think of (although not evergreen) will not be as narrow as that, and will need to be over a foot away from a fence behind. Which means your only option is climbers, if you cannot widen the border. Evergreen climbers comprise a rather short list - Clematis armandii, Clematis cirrhosa, ivy, Jasmine nudiflorum and Trachelospermum jasminoides, which is certainly worth considering, although best planted in Spring rather than Autumn. You'll need a trellis or support affixed to the fence for it to climb up.
If you don't mind a much shorter shrub that you clip all the time, you might get away with dwarf box, keeping it clipped to form a small hedge to keep it from getting too wide, but again, that shouldn't really be planted too close to a fence.

8 Sep, 2013


You could use one of the columnar conifers such as Juniperus 'sky rocket' or the Italian Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens)

8 Sep, 2013


It would seem to make much more sense, and offer more scope, to lose a bit of lawn and give a decent depth to the border. How big is the lawn? Could you not sacrifice a foot of grass, at least in some places by re-shaping? You could add a lot of interest by bringing the border out into the lawn.

8 Sep, 2013


I have a very small fastigiate holly,(means it holds its branches almost vertical instead of spreading out sideways) very upright, very compact and narrow and slow growing, with tiny leaves. Mine is in a pot but it would be OK in the ground. Only trouble with using it for edging would be the expense.

8 Sep, 2013

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