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By Hank

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Comfrey poultice- different ?

A friend has osteo arthritis in her wrist , so I've made her a comfrey poultice.
The only thing I don't know is - should she apply this to her wrist with the comfrey mixture against her wrist or should she have a layer of cloth between the wrist and the comfrey ?
I know somebody will have the answer to this question.
Incidentally I thought I'd make a couple of these but miscalculated and now have 8, but I know I can freeze them.



Needs to be in direct contact with the skin so the body absorbs the alantoin, which is the bit that has healing properties, Hank.

8 Sep, 2013


Brilliant B, i can now do the job this afternoon,thanks.

8 Sep, 2013


And as effective as putting just a cold wet bandage on!

8 Sep, 2013


My Mum always used to sandwich the comfrey between two thin cloths, muslin is ideal as all the juices can penetrate it without leaving a mess on the skin. I haven't heard of using it for arthritis, just sprains etc - please let us know if it is effective as I could use some in that case!.

8 Sep, 2013


Sure Sue, I'll let you know the results as soon as I hear from her.

8 Sep, 2013


Not impressed with comfrey poultices then O.B.? Have you tried them ?

9 Sep, 2013

How do I say thanks?

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