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By Kempey

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

got a grape vine from b&q last year it didnot get any grapes on this year do i prune it ! thanks Myron that was helpful to me



It will take 3 years to produce grapes. The single most important thing to get right if you want grapes is correct pruning and training and this should be started in year 1. Having said that, it's not too late to get it trained but vine pruning is done in December/January when the vine is dormant. have a look at the RHS site for instructions on how to prune your vine.

8 Sep, 2013


thanks myron that was helpful to me

8 Sep, 2013


We have a 20+ year old vine and take it right back early December. We have always taken it right back, as they can get so rampant otherwise. It is outside but some of it is part under a 19 foot canopy facing SW. Vines put flowers out very quick after they sprout in spring, as if to catch the bees early on. It is loaded with grapes this year and going black fast (Pinot Noire). Ours is tough as old boots. Never fussed over. The next few weeks will see if grapes sweeten up or stay tart.

9 Sep, 2013


thanks for that info i will put it in to my notes for this year
once againe thanks kempey

10 Sep, 2013

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