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By Daddy9

Kent, United Kingdom Gb

Hi. Been having problems growing cucumbers. They are very large, marrow like & don't taste to good apart from the 1st one I'd harvested. The one in the picture is a smaller one of the crop I have.




When I grew cues, I would eat them when they were a lot smaller than that and they were great.

8 Sep, 2013


They are grow outside & have no idea if female or male. Its my 1st year of really growing things other than toms & radish. I will have to use a different variety next year & don't let them get too big before harvesting them.

8 Sep, 2013


thanks all. will have a look out for Burpless seeds. Any other good varietys recomended will be most welcome.

9 Sep, 2013


The female flowers have a tiny cucumber behind them, the male just has a stalk, the male are best removed, if they are allowed to stay the cucumber can taste bitter.
As said there are all female varieties that are easier to grow.
I like the small varieties rather than the long ones and pick them when quite small as they are much sweeter, yours looks a bit big, are they supposed to be speckled like that?
I had an infestation of red spider mite once......

9 Sep, 2013


Thanks pamg. Yes there very large & that is one of the smaller ones in the pic.

9 Sep, 2013

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