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Our twelve cotoneaster tree looks like it is dying

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Our twelve year old cotoneaster tree looks like it is dying. Don't know the variety, but when small it was very weeping and now has a wide canopy



I assume you want to know if it is dying, what is wrong with it, but that can't be answered without more information. Have you checked the plant all over? You're looking for any signs of infestastion, mildew, bleeding, damage, rot at the base, anything at all. Otherwise, a full description of its symptoms is necessary, along with photos if possible.

11 Sep, 2013


Thanks so much for replying so soon. I have taken some photos of our cotoneaster, hope you can see enough to help. I will need to send them to you via email on my ipad, and separately, as I don't know how to email multiple photos.j I can't see any fungus but there is cracked bark mostly at the bottom of the tree. Can't see an rot, no weeping/bleeding. It has elk horns growing around it about 3-4 feet above the ground. The leaves at the very top of the tree are sparse and folding together. There is a lot of leaf drop. It could be due to the very dry spell we are having. I watered it really well yesterday, and the lower leaves seem a little better today, but no change in the upper leaves.

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Trisha Clarke

11 Sep, 2013


Elk horns?! Not sure what that means - can you load the pics into the Photos section under your profile?

12 Sep, 2013

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