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can anyone identify this plant?


By Pamela

Can anyone identify this plant? At the moment it is 2ft tall with a 2ft spread. It is not a climber. The stem is fleshy. It was sent to me as a bougainvillea (but I don't think it's that) . The leaves are not glossy. Cissus antarctica has been suggested, but that is a climber with glossy leaves in the book I looked in. Help. I have been in touch with the firm that sent it to me but got not reply as yet....




To me it looks like an Aubergine or a Pepper or something of that ilk ,but I am guessing!!

15 Sep, 2007


I may be crazy - in fact probably am - but the leaves look remarkably like a poinsettia without its top colourful bracts ... what does anyone else think?

16 Sep, 2007


Have receved a reply from the compant that sent it by mistake at last. it is a brugmansia/angels trumpet. so Iwill ahve to look after it untilnext year when it should flower.

17 Sep, 2007


Glad you've got an answer. Have a look at George's beautiful Brugmansias! Hope yours grows like his! He could advise you on its care, I'm sure.

18 Sep, 2007

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