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The suppliers of Provado Vine Weevil killer specify that it is for use on container plants only and not on open ground. Does anyone know why, apart from the obvious one of the licence?



According to their Safety Data Sheet it states "Prevent from entering drains or water courses". So using it on open ground will allow it to get into the soil and possibly contaminate the water tables.

11 Sep, 2013


And it only takes a tiny amount of it to totally destroy a large amount of wild life in water. A teaspoon in a 40 gallon water butt kills all the mosquito larva in there.

11 Sep, 2013


If used on containers isn't there a risk of it exiting through the drainage holes and getting into the open ground.

11 Sep, 2013


It contains thiacloprid which kills honeybees - a good enough reason not to use it.

11 Sep, 2013


Thanks for your responses. Made me reconsider.

12 Sep, 2013


Try nematodes instead - you've just about got time to order some before it gets too cold to use them. Google nemesys and select the right product... best used in containers though, more effective, but can be used in open ground.

12 Sep, 2013


How does it kill bees when you water it onto the soil? Is it systemic?

12 Sep, 2013


Yes, Steragram. Watering it onto soil around plants can certainly mean the plant takes up the product when absorbing water and nutrients, so any plant which flowers and has nectar which attracts bees may also be delivering a lethal dose of neonicotinoid.

12 Sep, 2013


Wow, that's worth knowing. Thank you.

12 Sep, 2013


Also it doesn't breakdown in water, so it hangs around in an active form for a long time - that's why it's not a good idea for it to get into watercourses.
Thiacloprid is one of the pesticides that was in the news earlier this year when others were being banned - I think it got banned in parts of Europe but UK govt decided not to ban it.

14 Sep, 2013


I think that The EU just might force us to ban it soon.

15 Sep, 2013


Hope so. It's not nice stuff at all.

16 Sep, 2013


In a belated reply to Bamboo, I have used Grubsure and its predecessors for many years but it is not entirely successful. Hence I thought of the dual approach. Not to be!
Thanks for all your responses.

19 Sep, 2013

How do I say thanks?

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