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Crocus Sativus (saffron crocus)
Yesterday I was seduced by the picture on the packet and bought a pack of Taylors crocus sativus without looking at the back (or the writing on the front!).
I find that they are autumn flowering so should have been in some months ago! I am wondering whether they will be dried up by now. Would it be an idea to soak them for a couple of hours before planting in the hope of blooms next autumn?



I don't think soaking will help, I'd be inclined to take them back to the GC and ask for my money back.

13 Sep, 2013


As long as the bulbs themselves are not dried out, then apart from losing flowers for this season, you can go ahead and plant them. We often buy the Autumn flowering bulbs (except for Sternbergia which are always dead) when they sell them off cheaply because they have flowered in the packets. The corms do not form their roots until just before they get their leaves in Spring, the flowers are the result of last years food.
I would warn though that C. sativus really needs a hot dry site for it to thrive.

13 Sep, 2013


Thanks Moongrower, I might have done that if I had bought them from a GC nearby!
Thanks Owdboddy, I will plant them in a sunny spot and try to mix in enough grit to keep them dry in this clay garden! I will hope for some flowers next year!

14 Sep, 2013


Suggest if you are keeping you plant in a pot and put in the greenhouse.

14 Sep, 2013


OK Moongrower, I will. Thanks.

16 Sep, 2013

How do I say thanks?

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