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This is the first time I have grown Day Lillies, do the leaves die right down in winter or some of the leaves have started to die, I thought they stayed all year....



To a certain extent it depends on where you live. Most of ours here lose their leaves over winter. A few in the more sheltered spots do keep some of them.

14 Sep, 2013


It also depends on the type you have. Dormant types will die back, no matter where you live. Leaves don't last forever, and my evergreen types have lots of dead leaves at the end of summer.

14 Sep, 2013


Mine disappear completely.

14 Sep, 2013


4 of mine disappear but 5 remain but reduced as some do die off and get removed. as said depends on the species/variety.

15 Sep, 2013


Thank you everyone, will have to wait and see what happens then, some of the leaves look like there dying off....

16 Sep, 2013

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