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fresh cut flowers purchased in supermarkets somtimes
come supplied with flower food,it says on the packet with
roses,rose flower food,chrysanthemums,chrysanthermum flower food ect,is it a general food that can be used on all cut flowers,or are they seperate mixes for each,there are no mix ingredients on the packets,i have often wondered about this,
many thanks




My suspicion is they are all exactly the same but I don't know.

14 Sep, 2013


What they contain are simple sugars (to persuade the flowers, particularly unopened ones, that they have enough energy to actually develop and open), a ph corrector (lord knows how that works, rather depends on the ph of the water you're using) which largely prevents unwanted bacteria from growing, and some other unnamed substance which keeps the stems from closing themselves off at the bottom, which would prevent uptake of water. I can't find any difference between, say, the chrysanthemum one and the rose one, and I've certainly used one that says roses on other flowers in a vase without any adverse effect.
In some experiments, adding sugar to the water did just as good a job, but I've not tried it.

14 Sep, 2013


You can make your own. I wanted to extend some cut roses and googled flower food - it contained bleach, lemon juice sugar and water - it worked well.

14 Sep, 2013


Lemonade works as well.

14 Sep, 2013


Tastes nicer too!!

14 Sep, 2013


Yup that is what the daughter-in-law uses

14 Sep, 2013

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