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Fool that I am - I forgot to add the photo to the tree question that I just asked.

Thanks for the reply Bamboo ( Eric ?), When I looked up the cornus alba s.v. In Google it was exactly like mine, but shouldn't the stem/trunk be thin and red whereas mine in nearly 3 ins diameter and grey. See pic below ( I hope)

Image Image



Cornus alba, a shrub - whether its 'Elegantissima' or 'sibirica variegata' I can't tell, they're pretty similar, although, having grown both, I'd incline towards the second. The first variety gets much bigger than the second, but all can be pruned back hard in spring. It's also known as the red barked dogwood - new stems are red coloured, so cutting down some or all of the stems to the ground in spring means the bare wood, by winter, will be red, because it's all new. Turns mid brown in its second season.

14 Sep, 2013


's only cos you've never cut it Hank, or at least, you've removed all but the main stem, although its obviously still putting out new growth from the bottom, I can just see the top of it. Given where it is (narrow growth area, against a fence) you're probably best off not cutting it right down, because that will create a wide bush. Spread of these when allowed to grow untrammeled is up to 8 feet or more, and its obviously far too close to the fence for that. The wood does go mid brown in its second year and remains that way, it's only new stems, grown during spring and summer, that are red in the following winter.

Look on the bright side - at least you're getting the berries, when people cut it all the time to get the red stems, berries don't have a chance to form. Even so, I can't predict how tall it might get - usual mature height is around 8-10 feet, but that's as a shrub, not a tree. You may need to keep the top trimmed back periodically.

15 Sep, 2013


Thanks very much, B, i understand now.

15 Sep, 2013


I like the berries, but I've never actually seen them - all the gardens I've maintained, I have to keep the shrub contained, so it's nice to see these.

15 Sep, 2013

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