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I took some of the tips and attempted to root them on my kitchen window sill a few weeks ago.
All rooted and this afternoon I potted them up into 4 inch pots. I've popped them into my neighbours greenhouse (unheated) meantime as I've no room for the individual pots on the window sill. My questions are
1. Was a bit it too late to do this?
2. Are they likely to put on enough growth to be planted out this year, if not will they be ok in an unheated greenhouse over winter?
3. If the can go out later, do they need to be hardened off or should temperatures be warm enough?
Thanks in advance.



As you have put them into 4" pots it sounds as though they already have a good root system. If they really are big enough to justify a pot this size they should be ready to go out. You could avoid disturbing them again so soon by sinking the pots in the ground in a sheltered spot. The house would be too warm for them over the winter anyway and they would be fine in a cold greenhouse if you are in doubt, as long as they don't dry out too much. Why not keep two in the greenhouse and put two in the garden?

14 Sep, 2013


Thanks Stera - I'm not sure if 4 inch pots were ideal size but I had no other too hand as I got rid of all the smaller ones earlier in the year!
Hadn't thought about dividing them and trying different locations.
The worse that can happen is that they die and I can repeat earliest as spring allows next year.

15 Sep, 2013



15 Sep, 2013

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