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can you plant a cutting straight into the soil using rooting powder?



you can but it will be better in a pot and given a bit of warmth to encourge root growth. It will also depend on what plant it is.

14 Feb, 2010


Yes, I always plant at an angle to get an early, thicker growth.

14 Feb, 2010


If the Guest is talking about woody cuttings from trees and shrubs then, yes, they can be planted in the ground now. But if the question is about cuttings from softer materials then I would suggest pot culture would be more appropriate.

14 Feb, 2010


I'd be interested to know from the users of rooting powder whether it really makes ANY difference.
I gave up using it years ago as the cuttings seemed to root just as well with or without powder or liquid rooting hormone.
What's more important is to use bottom heat, and to prevent the leafy growth drying out by covering with a plastic bag.
Woody cuttings root anyway if it's the type of tree or shrub which can be propagated this way.

15 Feb, 2010


I prefer to use rooting powder, although i have read that its not always needed. I guess its a matter of preference. Sally

15 Feb, 2010

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