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red/orange fungus in greenhouse soil

Clackmannanshire, United Kingdom Gb

There is a red/orange fungus on the soil in my greenhouse. It is mostly spots less than 5p size and looks like tomato skin. We have grown mostly tomatoes and they are very good. First time grower, what can I do please



Is it flat on the ground or raised on a stem? What does the underside look like? Photos would help to perhaps identify it, as there are so very many different fungi. For starters have a look on Google for Elf Cap Fungus and see if that's it. (A little beauty!)Most soil growing fungi don't do any harm, and are often growing on something buried in the soil, helping it to rot down. If you grow your tomatoes in the ground you do need to change the soil, preferably every season, though for the few years I grew them I didn't bother and they were OK.

17 Sep, 2013

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