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HI, i have had a camelia for 4 years now and it has not grown or flowered in that time , it does not look sick or got pests on it and i have moved it 1 year ago) to see if that will help has anyone got any answers why it is like this i am stumped. THANKS,,,,,



Is your camelia in the ground or a pot in both cases is it in ericaceous compost.

17 Sep, 2013


You say it looks healthy , which indicates you have the right soil conditions however potted Camellias like moongrow states, need to be in ericacious compost, so in the past few years have you had any flower buds, have they partly formed but not flowered, its important to know that whilst the flower buds are forming throughout the summer then keeping the plant well watered is essential, have you got the camelia in full sun, they do better in a shade situation, light shade is preferred, have you tried feeding the plant?

17 Sep, 2013


Definitely a shrub for light shade and ours responded to being moved from a pot into the ground - until the severe weather of a winter two or three years ago killed it. But, by then we had enjoyed years of blooms.

17 Sep, 2013


well, it is in the ground and no it has not had any flowers or buds , i have give it feed and it is in partail sun but lots of light and now near the fence to protect it from wind, it has not grew at all but looks healthy enough i am totaly lost on this one, should i take it out and try putting it back in a pot for the winter and see what happens ??? oh i will look into the ericaceous compost if i pot it back up , thanks,,,,,

18 Sep, 2013


i cannot remember the name of it but i may not pot it up if it will disturb it, oh arn't some plants hard work ??? ha, ha,,

18 Sep, 2013

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