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when is the best time to prune a buddleii.I usually cut a bit off mine now then more in spring,is that right and when would be the best time to move a little buddleii tree to another spot in the garden and do they have to have sun



Yes that is the best way , i always cut it back a little in the autumn so the strong winds of winter dont split and damage them ,then in the spring i give them a good prune, so long as you get a good root system then moving it now will be ok, very simple and easy to do, give it a good start in its new position with some decent well rotted compost, as regards aspect they do well in partial shade and do very well in full sun, and very easy to take hard wood cuttings from.

17 Sep, 2013


Quite correct - only trim now, prune in spring.

But I usually move mine in early spring as most of the fine roots will re-grow as the soil warms up. If moved now the roots won't be able to re-establish over winter and it may suffer as a result.

I would also recommend adding bonemeal and lime to the compost when you replant. I added mycorrhizae to the root-ball this spring when I planted some small plants out and they took off like I have never seen before!

17 Sep, 2013


thanks for your replies .Where would I get mycorrhizae from or what compost would I buy.Aldi sell compost ,would that do?

18 Sep, 2013


We meant garden compost or soil improver made out of domestic green waste, but cheap potting compost is probably just as good to increase the organic content of the soil as it mostly consists of composted green waste.

Mycorrhizal fungi powder in small quantities can be bought off ebay. Nurseries tend to sell only the huge pots and you only need half a teaspoon per plant!

18 Sep, 2013


Or you can look online for Rootgrow (for the mycorrhizae) - comes in a sachet, two different sizes, use by date is about a year. It's not essential though.

18 Sep, 2013

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