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Can anyone Help Please. I have this problem with small brown toadstools in my lawn and they just keep coming up each year. Is there anyway I can get rid of them.



Short answer, no. We get them in our grass as well as Small puffballs (those are edible). They do not last for long and they do little harm.

18 Sep, 2013


why would you want to get rid of them , there lovely in a grass, its nature,s way of recycling, they.ll stop growing when they recycled all their decaying food supply, learn to enjoy them

18 Sep, 2013


As you've been told already by the others, there's no effective treatment for these - the toadstools you can see are only the fruiting bodies of underground mycelium which make an extensive network. If you don't like the look of them, twist them off and dispose of them, but they pass within 4 weeks or less anyway. If you have any dead wood (an old tree stump or something) in the lawn, that is where they've come from - part of nature's recycling system, fungus.

18 Sep, 2013

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