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I have several raspberry canes growing fine fruit, but on some I have what I can only describe as long, wispy tendrils, not unlike suckers. Do I cut these down to the ground or do I leave for next years crop? The tendrils are very long and do not look like fruit bearing.
Are raspberry canes susceptible to this and should I cut these as soon as they start to grow.
Any help would be appreciated.



Summer fruiting raspberries fruit on the previous year's cane so all the cane that fruited this year need to be cut down.The new canes that have grow this year need to be cut back to about 1.5 metres and tied into whatever wiring you are using.

18 Sep, 2013


Are they summer fruiting ones? Our autumn fruiters are ripening now and the summer ones finished and were cut down several months ago. Its as well to cut out weak spindly growth anyway, but autumn fruiters are cut down completely after fruiting, so it does make a difference which you have.

19 Sep, 2013

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