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By Johnp58

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

Having watched Monty Don planting the iris reticulata in small pans in his cold greenhouse last night I am keen to do the same in my greenhouse.
My question is having brought them into flower next springtime (hopefully) what do I do then? Can I leave them in the shallow pans where they have flowered and will they flower again the follwering spring? Would I eed to keep changing the compost? I realise they require a very gritty medium to do well in.
Many thanks Phil.



Ive just left mine alone in my border for 3or4 years now and still surviving and always one of the first signs of spring for my garden, i just wish they flowered longer. ;)

21 Sep, 2013


I just would like them to come back the following year at all!

21 Sep, 2013


I watched this to John last night and would love to grow pans of these to .

I used to have them in my garden but for some yrs now they have never come back.

21 Sep, 2013


I have them in deeper pots on the wall and in the rockery and as long as they get baked in the summer they will come back yr on yr. I have some on their 15th year know. I personally find the deeper they are the better they do.

21 Sep, 2013


I actually watched this program last night (stuck in a hotel bedroom). Like Sbg I would have used a full pan and a gritty, loam based compost. Yes, I do this and re-pot them every year. After flowering put the pots in the sun-heated greenhouse and leave them there until you want to bring them out at the end of winter. Re-potting, for me, is done after the leaves have died down.

21 Sep, 2013

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