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If I protect peas with enviromental mesh, how will the flowers be polonated>



By insects needed.

21 Sep, 2013


But why do peas need protection? We have never had any insect attack on ours.

21 Sep, 2013


The only reason I have put netting over mine on my allotment is to keep the sparrows and pidgeons off as they seem to like the leaves, but as the other two have said no problem with insect attack

21 Sep, 2013


Many thanks for the replies.
I used to use Sybol 2 which worked very well, but it's run out.
This year (in Leicestershire) the pea moth on my allotment caused me to scrap much of my crop.
Next year, it will be a previously unused part of my allotment (for peas), plus the mesh.

21 Sep, 2013


OK, Dave, never had this problem.

21 Sep, 2013

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