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Hi everyone I'm a newcomer to this site. Thank-you Cottagekarer that sounds promising .

Somerset, United Kingdom Gb

Hi everyone I'm a newcomer to this site, could anyone tell me how and when I should prune my cytisis battendieri to achieve some flowers ? @ present it's about a metre and a half tall because I've cut it back, but its about 4 years old, thank-you.
Thank-you for your replies, and no it hasn't flowered.



Hello and welcome to Goy Roy these are beautiful sorry I dont have one to give you advice .

Has it ever flowered ?

21 Sep, 2013


RHS advice appears to be light pruning late winter/early spring but with variations if it's wall-trained, but it also seems to come into the category of prune after flowering.

I think I'd opt for a 3 year cycle of lightly cutting back one third of the stems each year until I knew for sure whether it is flowering on this season's growth or the new (spring) growth. One third means that you should always have some blooms but keeps the whole shrub in check.

21 Sep, 2013


Oooh, that's strange. I have several of these and have always pruned them immediately after flowering, as the flowers are as to allow new flower buds to form over the summer. I should have thought that pruning late winter would remove the flower buds. Gorgeous shrubs....when they flower! P.s. mine do, every year....but don't leave it late....get them done as soon as you can bear to once the flowers are fading. They will take a good hard prune.

22 Sep, 2013


Thank-you Cottagekarer that sounds promising .

22 Sep, 2013

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