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21/9/13I have used weed kill sprays on my lawn


By Julsjem

United Kingdom Gb

I have used weed kill spray on my lawn, it looks awfull now, I have sowed some new grass seeds, will they grow now? or will I have to wait for spring?



Seed will germinate now . It normally takes about 9 days to germinate .Did you kill the grass by using too much weedkiller or is it just the weeds dying making the lawn look a mess? I'm assuming you used the right weed killer for lawns ie. one that kills weeds but not grass if used at the correct concentration

21 Sep, 2013


I think there was just so many weeds that the amount of weed killer used looks like there is no grass left! It was just weed killer.

Thank you

21 Sep, 2013


Now is almost the perfect time to sow seeds for a new lawn

21 Sep, 2013


Thanks, will record the results.

21 Sep, 2013


It sounds as if you didn't use a lawn weedkiller. If you didn't, then you will have killed some of the grass when applying whatever it was you used. You do need to get a good inch or so of fine tilth (fine, loose soil) in the bare areas so that any seed you sow can root into it. Also, depending on precisely what you used, the seed may not germinate because the soil is contaminated with weedkiller.

22 Sep, 2013


Thanks, I have racked all the dead out and have now sowed the seeds and covered with a good peat compost, fingers crossed, will post the results.

22 Sep, 2013


Hope you haven't covered the seeds too deeply. Personally I don't bother covering them at all and they all seem to germinate 7-9 days later if the soil is kept damp

22 Sep, 2013

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