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Not really a gardening question, but I do this on my I-pad and I was wondering is there an app for GoY which would speed it up, Thank-you Roy.



How would it speed it up please? I cope ok on my android tablet

22 Sep, 2013


I use iPad, MacBook Pro and a few times when things have been really quiet at lunchtime at work I've even log on via a PC - I can't say that any is noticeably slower than any other.
The rotation of photos is still something of a lottery when an ipad is involved and the only 'problem' that i have is with the advert slot being in the top right corner - it's just where you hit the ipad screen to start scrolling down. But I won't complain too much as I guess the adverts mean that the site is free - other sites charge a membership and still have adverts.

22 Sep, 2013


Hi Roy,
I use an ipad all the time ( have thrown away the computer). 3 clicks and I'm into the questions. I just tried to time the process - certainly well under a minute. Suits me fine as I've little patience.
Not sure what you're doing that takes the time ?

23 Sep, 2013

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