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Anyone got any idea what the attached picture is. Is a mystery tomato looking fruit but it is in a papery outer casing. Can't find any reference to it anywhere.


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Looks like physalis to me, the flower vartiety is chinese lantern, there is an edible variety called I think cape gooseberry

22 Sep, 2013


It’s a physalis fruit plant the fruits will turn orange

22 Sep, 2013


Yup indeed physalis - taste wonderful when ripe!

22 Sep, 2013


There are two types of Physalis... Physalis peruviana, which has a brown paper-like lantern shape that covers the fruit when it's ripe and this is the type normally sold in supermarkets. The other type is physalis alkekengi which has a red lantern parcel and is normally grown for it's ornamental decoration.

Both are edible, but be careful to make sure that they are fully ripe as they are poisonous when green. They look nice in a small bowl in the middle of the dinner table still in their lanterns for decoration. They are also very easy to grow from seed.

22 Sep, 2013


So they are but our summers are usually too short for many to ripen. In a greenhouse they go mad, and come back year after year.

22 Sep, 2013


Physalis franchetii

Look nice but an absolute thug and spreads everywhere.

23 Sep, 2013


Hi all thanks for your responses. The answer is now nailed. On seeing your suggestions for physalis I have since carried on the research a little and found that they are physalis of the tomatillo kind. So now will be cooking a few Mexican recipes to use them up.

Again many thanks


27 Sep, 2013


Have fun!

27 Sep, 2013

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