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Please can you tell me what this vine is?

Mrs R Finch




Only thing I can think of is Golden Hop (Humulus), but the fruit doesn't look right - sorry.

23 Sep, 2013


Not hop, looks more like one of the Solanums, but cannot think of anything with palmate leaves like that...... yet!

23 Sep, 2013


Thankyou Sheilabub and Owdboggy, its quite a mystery when it first started growing I thought it was a grape vine (I have only lived here since Dec 2012) but the fruit are not as big as grapes and as you can see they are red and green.

24 Sep, 2013


The leaves are similar to Ampelopsis brevipedunculata 'Elegans' which I believe is in the same family as a grape vine. This variety has variegated leaves though which yours does not but it might be a starting point? I wonder if the fruit will stop at red or if they will carry on to black or blue....? Interesting!

25 Sep, 2013


White bryony - poisonous

25 Sep, 2013


Thankyou everyone, Hortum cret I take it you are positive on that, because if it is definitely poisonous I need to get it removed as it is on both sides of my hedge and on one side is a footpath where children walk down to go to school.

25 Sep, 2013

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