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Has any one had a cordyline leak a resin like sap from its leaves. It is so bizzare, it looks like a puddle of resin underneath on the ground & the leaves & surrounding plants have been splashed with this brownish resin, it is quite sticky in places, but appears to have 'set' in a puddle. I do have a weeping cherry which had gluey like sap on it's branches in the spring, they are quite close in the border. I wonder if it's a disease of some kind?



I know after winter 2010 that a lot of Cordylines died back to the roots and the more mature ones leaked slime from the trunk.

The RHS has a page on it:

I wonder if this is something similar? It would be odd as the weather has been no where as cold since then but the infection may have set in and now only showing I suppose??

24 Sep, 2013


The cordyline in question was about 8ft high in 2010 & after heavy snow suffered badly, I had it cut down to ground level & it now has grown back with about six plants all around the base. It is quite bushy. It does not appear to be wet or slimey just this sticky resin almost like lacquer or varnish. I have not seen anything like this before. I am a bit worried it may affect other plants in it's vicinity. I am thinking of getting rid of it. Thank you for your reply.

24 Sep, 2013


Post a picture as seeing is better than describing.

Does it wash off - I wonder if it comes from another plant, washing it with soapy water might also where it is coming from on the cordy.

25 Sep, 2013


Hi, it sounds to me as though it's been damaged at some stage, and is sending the sap out to try and repair the damage, Derek.

25 Sep, 2013


Thank you for your reply Kildermorie. I haven't tried to wash it off. I did think I might try diluted washing up liquid to see if it works. I will try & upload a picture. It is like glue! Trouble is I have scrapped a lot off the ground where it had puddled. It is as if someone has tipped a tin of varnish on it!

Also than you Derekm. You might be right, it might be damaged in some way or insect & weather conditions have infected it in some way! The sticky sap might be a by product.

25 Sep, 2013

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