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By Rogi

NRW, Germany De

Hallo all. This is a question about leaf compost. Every autumn I get a fair ammount of leaves from the garden....shall I say about 2 big rubbish bags full. I did as I read somewhere put them in the sack, made loads of holes in the sacks, kept them moist, then I put them under one of the hedges....turning them when I thought about it....leaving them for about a year. Today I opened one of the sacks and found a nice dark mixture that smelt nice as well....but it was very wet and soggy. My question this how it is meant to be after a year?...and how do other people make leaf compost. Thanks for any answers.



It was probably kept too wet and there was not enough ventilation, Rogi. I like to try and keep the leaves for two years rather than one - five is even better.I use a 'builders bag' for leaves with the top left uncovered.

25 Sep, 2013


Yes I find it best if the top is uncovered......I also find it breaks down better over a couple of years. Worth the wait. you can add this years and have a steady flow Rogi.

25 Sep, 2013


You can speed it up a bit by chopping the leaves before putting in the bags - put them on the lawn and mow over them.

25 Sep, 2013


Thanks for the answers...very helpful.

26 Sep, 2013

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