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I saw a lovely one in full bloom about 2 weeks ago at a garden centre and it was smothered in bees. I would like to get one but the one I saw was large and too expensive. I have looked in other garden centres for a smaller one but have had no luck so far. It is a very attractive plant which flowers late so I'm wondering why it is in short supply. Are they difficult to grow or are they a tender plant, or are they very fussy about the soil? Thank you.



No, they're easy peasy, but they do like to be in full sun. They also need pruning back hard every Spring or they get quite leggy, so remember to do this to keep the plant bushy and to improve flowering. I think it's not that popular because it isn't particularly attractive when its not in flower, but I think they're worth growing. Jacksons online nursery usually has them.

26 Sep, 2013


Thank you Bamboo. I'm pleased they're hardy. I will check out Jacksons.

26 Sep, 2013


I think the larger Garden Centres will have them , I also bought one on ebay.

26 Sep, 2013


Thanks everyone, I am going to order a couple. I just think they are a fantastic blue and the bees are a bonus!

27 Sep, 2013

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