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As I am so green fingered :) I am the one who looks after all plants in my office. Here is a picture of an Orchid that was gifted to us in 2011. I wonder if anyone knows why it has decied to grow like this! It has some scary looking claw-like roots doing their own thing mid-air and with some leaves at their base - all this on top of the stalk! Please help so that we can stop calling it the 'alien plant'!!




The old flower stalk has produced another bit of top growth hence the leaves. the 'claw' like structures are ariel roots and in the wild would help anchor it to the branches of trees in the forest.

27 Sep, 2013


Agree with Seaburngirl.
Nip it off and plant it the roots will probably give you another plant

27 Sep, 2013


I did that Bjs, I think I separated it too quickly although it has finally grown a new leaf, I have another doing the same and have let the ariel roots grow longer, will separate it soon.

28 Sep, 2013


Definitely Mama and baby - you're very lucky to have got the baby (known as a keiki) see for what to do. This one looks about perfect for potting on as it has some roots of its own.

If you can't bend the stem over then make a mini pot for compost with a bit of the netting that comes round supermarket oranges (the garlic bulb netting is even better as it's smaller)

28 Sep, 2013


Really? How informative! I must do all the above immediately. So, please, do I just cut of the 'baby' off from the stalk? And can I get the special compost from a supermarket?

Thank you all in advance.

30 Sep, 2013


Far more likely to get the compost from a garden centre - I don't think I've ever seen any in a supermarket. Get the chunky bark stuff rather than the fine as that just clags together. It's best to leave the mother and baby attached while baby gets properly established but you may not be able to bend the stalk - try it carefully. It helps to keep it bent over if you can loosely wrap wire around the stalk (like starting a bonsai but not too tight).
Repot both together as mum will help to regulate things for baby.

I've got a keiki on one of my orchids - just leaves at the moment - and getting lots of advise from a 'proper' orchid grower (buys them by variety rather than by supermarket offer!)

30 Sep, 2013


Urbanite! Am I glad that I haven't set about separating the two yet!!! Bending and keeping together???

I would have just cut it off had I not joined this very useful website.

2 Oct, 2013


Well you can just cut it off but the baby will benefit from being kept with mum for a while.

2 Oct, 2013

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