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id please, mums orchid given as gify but she has no idea what one as there was no label and some care tips please thank you

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It looks like a moth orchid (phalaenopsis orchid), but it's impossible to tell the type as they have been substantially hybridized over the years.

They are shade loving plants, so are ideal house plants but they need to be kept in a room where the night time temperature doesn't fall below 15 deg c. The compost should be kept evenly moist using tepid rainwater and don't let it dry out.

Don't allow water to remain in the crown of the plants for too long as they will rot. feed it with a quarter strength fertilizer once a month.

I have also heard that using a cleat pot is beneficial as the roots prefer to have sunlight, but I'm not too sure about this.

27 Sep, 2013


Yes,it is a Phalenopsis,as Myron says.A north facing window is ideal if possible,or somewhere away from strong sunshine..definitely not near a Radiator,in winter.

A thorough watering is better than a dribble ,and leave it to drain properly...also a fine mist on the aerial roots (the ones sticking out of the top) and leaves, at the same time...Mine is in a clear inner pot,so I can see if it looks dry or not..if the roots are bright green and the soil looks dark,it doesn't need watering,but if they look very pale,it does..... I have mine in an outer decorative one..not always recommended,but as I've had mine 9 years,I don't think it matters. Add a few small pebbles or stones in the bottom of the pot,to assist with drainage..
Rain water is recommended,but I always use tepid tap water,as ours is ok here.I do like the colour of that one.

An excellent blog and pics was posted by member Spritzhenry,in 2010..entitled "Awkward Orchids"
you might find it very helpful,if you want to take a look.

They don't need repotting till the roots are filling the pot,and only one size up,is necessary,with a specialist Orchid compost..
They aren't a difficult plant to look after,as is often thought..good luck...

27 Sep, 2013


thank you both, i will pass on the tips, my mum has never had much luck with orchids but hopefully this one will be different! thanks again

27 Sep, 2013


"A north facing window is ideal "

Thanks! am going to have to move one I bought the other day as it is in a south facing bathroom window.

27 Sep, 2013


It will probably be ok now the sun isn't so strong now,Kildermorie,and over winter..but not in the heat of the summer..and I presume your window is frosted,to filter it a bit? but I think north is better really..

28 Sep, 2013


Mine seem happy in a west facing room but they do not get any direct sunlight......they are so happy I dare'nt move them, they grow new leaves and flowers there........

28 Sep, 2013


That's good,Pam..dappled is fine,isn't it? direct,not so good ..

28 Sep, 2013


Mine are all in my conservatory growing happy but as winter temps drop they shall get moved.

I have bought this new feed for my Orchids.

Akerne's RainMixn Orchid feed.

28 Sep, 2013


My mother used to keep hers on a south facing windowsill from first bud to last flower then put them in south facing frost free porch to rest (November - March approx.) watered once a month while resting and weekly at other times by dunking into a bucket of water until the bubbles stop and then allowing to drain off into the pot. Pots were white ceramic orchid pots (narrow at the bottom so that the plastic container sits above the drained water). Plants flowered year after year and are now sitting in my office waiting for me to move house to where there is a south-west facing windowsill waiting for them (only north-facing windows where I am at the moment)

The water that sits in the bottom of the pot helps to maintain a bit of humidity around the plant but you should make sure that the roots aren't standing in water and don't let the water stagnate (empty away any dregs each week)

28 Sep, 2013

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