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loads of roots are growing from the plant pot of my orchid do i cut them of.patricia



i would repot it as it sounds pot bound .you mite have to take some of just to do this but it still needs doing i believe.

18 Feb, 2010


I agree with Np.Do you mean out of the bottom of the pot,or up over the edge?
If the latter,this is the habit of the plant,as mine is the same,but green and healthy.If they are brown and dead looking,I would cut them off.

18 Feb, 2010


If this is a phaleanopsis it is natural for it to have areal roots as it is an epiphytic orchid.

18 Feb, 2010


I'd go with Moongrower's comment. Most orchids have aerial roots and there's no problem at all with them growing out of the pot. Overpotting, overwatering, and overfeeding are the things which kill more orchids than anything else.
Don't cut the roots off whatever the case, as this will do nothing to help the plant at all.

18 Feb, 2010


i was thinking out the bottem but i would listen to bertie about aerial roots mind .

18 Feb, 2010

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