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This is my palm not quite sure what type, I call it my
" Alexandra " palm because it reminds us of a lovely lady we know in Corfu. Last winter I put it (her) in the greenhouse but I won't be able to this year, can anyone tell me do I need to protect the whole palm or just the base ? . We live in Somerset so our weather isn't quite as severe as some also could you advise me what to use as I don't want anything too unsightly ,thank-you Roy.




It looks remarkably like Trachycarpus fortunei (google for pics to make sure) and if it is, its fully hardy in the UK, so no need for protection. Looks like its been let to dry out at some point though, from the look of the brown/yellow tips to the leaves. Prefers full sun, and you might want to move it away from the fence a bit - it spreads quite a lot as it ages. I'd also recommend you remove a small circle of grass at its base to leave bare soil for expansion purposes and so that the grass does not compete with the palm for nutrients.

28 Sep, 2013


I agree, it does look like a Trachycarpus fortunei commonly called a Chusan Palm. They are hardy down to -9c.

28 Sep, 2013


could also possibly be chamaerops excelsa

28 Sep, 2013


Hi, I hope it is trachycarpus, because the chamaerops is only half hardy at best, but may survive short periods of just below freezing, whereas my trachy, which is a lot larger than this one, survived the two bad winters we had, when the temps got down to a chilly minus 22 c without protection, they get hardier as they get bigger, having said that, I can't see any fibrous remains on the small trunk, but it could be the species "nana" which has either no trunk at all, or a very small trunk, but if the leaf blades are more than 12" long, it isn't that, Derek.

28 Sep, 2013


Chamaerops excelsa is an old name briefly used for trachycarpus fortune, so you're ok!

29 Sep, 2013


I Can not Help You. I'm Still Learning my Self . But This Is A Great Site People Are Always Happy To Help . Any way Welcome .

6 Oct, 2013

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