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Anyone got any idea what's wrong with these? I believe picture one is a sarcococca confusa, and picture two a leucathoe scarletta. They were planted early June in a freshly prepared bed, south facing, in loamy to clay soil.

I wondered if they had caught the worst of the sun during the heatwave (this property is in south west london, temperatures reached 32C for days at a time, with no rainfall for at least a month). They were watered well at least once a week during this time and fed at least three times with a sea-weed based liquid fertiliser.

2013_09_23_16.10.16 2013_09_23_16.10.05



Possibly a deficiency....magnesium would be one guess

28 Sep, 2013


I thought the top one was a leucothoe also but as I don't grow and not familiar with Sarcococcoa I wouldn't take my word for it.
Leucothoe require acid condition and both would prefer a shady spot. I found that Leucothoe struggled in a south facing bed in my garden, it wasn't happy. I moved it to a spot where it got plenty of shade and it has thrived.

28 Sep, 2013


Definitely both are leucothoe. Neither looks in poor nick, in fact, L. 'Scarletta' is meant to go that sort of colour, but I suspect yours has had too much sun (should be a darker red!). The top picture is probably a leucothoe fontanesiana cultivar, and that leaf colour is perfectly normal on older leaves, but especially if the plant is stressed through drought or too much sun. As Scottish says, they're happiest in shade, and like a lot of those plants, prefer a neutral to acid soil.

29 Sep, 2013


Poor sunburned babies. The Sarcococca will need shade, and can cope with full shade in either dry or moist soil. So if you have a grotty corner anywhere, I'd rehome it to there. I'd personally leave the Leucothoe and wait to see, as it does alright for me southfacing in a mixed border as long as the surrounding plants give it a bit of overhead cover in midsummer. But again, if a grotty corner needs filling...

29 Sep, 2013


I also think they are both Leucothoe. Sarcococca looks totally different.
my Leucothoe are also turning into their autumn colours now. Certainly the top one looks as if it needs a dose of salts [magnesium sulphate or cheaper as Epsom salts from the chemists].

29 Sep, 2013

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