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I purchased a hibiscus bush @ Lowe's in the Spring to put in an outside pot on my deck. I don't want it to die over the Winter so I figured I would have to bring it inside. I had one friend tell me it would winter in the dark garage. I had another person swear you can grow hibiscus in the ground in central Kentucky. I believe it may depend on a certain type of hibiscus, and I have no idea what I have. Including a picture...any help is appreciated!




Hibiscus can be divided into 2 broad types, Tropical Hibiscus and hardy Hibiscus. Tropical Hibiscus will only survive in USDA Zones 9 - 11, which I don't think is Kentucky. Hardy Hibiscus, depending on the type, normally survive our British winters which I believe is classed as USDA 8 - 9. I don't know what your zone is or what type of Hibiscus it is, so it might be a good idea to overwinter it indoors somewhere bright.

29 Sep, 2013


Agree with Myron.
Definitely indoors in a bright spot.
Don't be alarmed when you first bring it in, and the leaves start to yellow and just needs to adjust.

29 Sep, 2013


I was so hoping I could plant it outside because I am running out of house plant room. But I appreciate your responses and will find a sunny spot for it. Thanks to you both for responding so quickly. :)

30 Sep, 2013


In England we can grow this in a sheltered spot, preferably sunny, so they must be reasonably hardy. Is there a 'second' name on the label that would help to identify it further?

30 Sep, 2013

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