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What veg can I plant in September?


By Peter

Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

Since removing my tomatoes I have been left with an empty patch ready for planting (once I dig it over).

Mr Titchmarsh recommends overwintering onions and spring cabbage which will be ready to harvest in time for planting again next spring/summer.

Do you have any other suggestions for veg I could plant now?




Purple sprouting broccoli, Kale, Sprouts are all useful winter veg.

12 Sep, 2007


Cant really offer an answer- but wondered what vege could be planted in a greenhouse at this time of year? I dont have space to grow outside.

12 Sep, 2007


Winter lettuce, perpetual spinach, strawberry runners, onion sets and garlic can be planted now. broad bean aquadulce and some autumn planting peas will overwinter and get off to an early start when the soil warms up. If you have had a good crop of runner beans dig up the tuber type roots, store over winter as you would carrots, planted in spring they will make quicker progress than seeds.I haven't tried runners this way myself but read the tip in a gardening mag.recently

12 Sep, 2007


I have today sown seeds of mizuna, corn salad and winter lettuce in the greenhouse. Am having a go at radishes in troughs in my unheated grenhouse. my traditional winter veg of sprouts, parsnips and cabbage outside are not faring too well. Will be trying kohl rabi, also. I am going to break all boundaries this year and try EVERYTHING in an unheated grenhouse from now - just to see! I have 35 empty white plastic troughs (recycled) with drainage holes melted in the bottoms, filled with container compost, and ready to fill with herbs/salad plants for kids to give as xmas pressies. Am trying anything, but any advice would be greatly received.

12 Sep, 2007


Thanks for all the answers :o) I'll definitely be trying garlic, we use quite a lot in cooking. Spring Cabbage sounds good too - I'll have a little more room when I lift my onions so might wait a week.

15 Sep, 2007


I too have put in my garlic and shallots for next year (the longer the garlic is in the bigger the bulb will be next year). I've got cabbage, and sprouts out already. It always seems such a waste to have empty spaces - you could also plant up some green manure which will grow over the winter and then dig it in next spring ready for planting up.

20 Sep, 2007


Thanks Genuisscuffy, garlic and cabbage it is, I just need to pull my finger out and buy them now. I read that you shouldn't plant garlic that you buy from the super market and my local garden centre is heavily flower focused.

21 Sep, 2007


Turnips Rocket Garlic Spinach (yeah buy garlic from a garden centre)

26 Oct, 2007


Bought my garlic from a Thai shop as it always sprouted, chitted cloves in ice cube trays till they had roots and sprouts (46 out of 48)
then planted them.

28 Oct, 2009


I have had better results for garlic growing by using a potassium rich soil , and watering daily

14 Aug, 2013

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