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We have just taken over an allotment which will need a lot of clearing, at the back of the plot we can see raspberry bushes but we do not know whether they are summer or autumn fruiting, I understand they are pruned differently, would it matter if I just gave them a good prune? Thank you, Jude



If summer fruiting then you will be cutting off next years fruit. If they are autumn fruiting then they will be in fruit now or will still have evidence of recent fruit. You normally cut the stalks off after flowering for both. New growth for summer fruiting raspberries is green and should be kept, older stems are brown and should be cut off.

30 Sep, 2013


see above . if some have bright green stalks there most likely summer raspberries, but if there autumn raspberries don,,t cut them back till dec or jan, all of them right down to the ground

30 Sep, 2013


Thanks for your answers guys, I am going up there this morning so will try to get to them to have a look. x

1 Oct, 2013

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