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I need a little help with my patio roses please. I have had them in pots on the patio for a couple of years. It is a little shaded mid day. I am not sure how and when to prune them. I bought some granular rose fertiliser to top dress themin the Spring. Does that sound right ? Also I have a climbing rose in a pot over a coveerd seat . Should I have already pruned that ? Any help much appreciated.



i prune my patio roses in march/april. i treat them like normal roses ie leave 2/3 buds per stem the top most bud facing outwards. i usually remove the top inch or 2 of soil and replace with fresh compost and slow release fertilizer. Again in spring.
As for the climber I lay the 'soft' growth as horizontal as possible. So weave the stems so that they form a frame work around your seat. This sounds lovely. Prune out any stems that are out of place.

20 Feb, 2010


Thank you that is just what I needed to know. Are yours in a very sunny position ?

20 Feb, 2010


no they sit on the wall and get sun for about 5hrs a day in high summer. I have a mainly shady garden.

20 Feb, 2010


I do the same as SBG with my patio roses.

20 Feb, 2010

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