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brown patches on lawn


By Argaz

United Kingdom Gb

how do i get ride or prevet it its were the dog wees



You can rinse with water straight after they done it that works with my Summers Wee :)

11 Jun, 2008


jacque i would thought you could made it to the loo
or you meaning you got a dog too also i have been told add a little tamatoe sause to there food its does something to the acid it it lol thanks for the comment did make me chuckle

well look forward to more mail of you you gorgious flower

11 Jun, 2008


LOL no im well Toilet trained me Argaz have been for a while now :) Summers My Dog who ul see many pics of if u visit my pic Album :)

11 Jun, 2008


I read about a supplement that can be added to a bitch's water bowl to help this problem. I expect Pet Shops would know about it. Dogs' wee doesn't make brown patches - but he has managed to kill two Viola plants and half a small conifer!!!!

11 Jun, 2008


In the south (USA) brown spot occurs after the temps rise above 80 degrees and if grass has plenty of water. We treat our grass with Immunox by Spectracide found at most garden centers or big box stores, but you have to do it before June or before the temps go above 80 degrees. Once you see brown spots it is too late, but treat it to stop extensive damage to the lawn. I believe it needs to be treated every 30 to 60 days too to keep brown spot from occurring. The brown spot will not grow green grass again this year, but reseed this fall for the grass to return next Spring, then treat in May for brown spot.

12 Jun, 2008


Sorry, I reread your question, if these spots occur only where the dog pees, then I surely don't know the answer, but I do know about brown spot in grass in the South!

12 Jun, 2008

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