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Not strictly a garden question.... we've got an Aspidistra and some of the leaves now have white spots on them - can anyone offer a diagnosis and remedy?




Is it something that has just developed? Is it on all leaves or just a few?
It could be a fungal infection - in which case spray with a solution of baking soda (1 teaspoon in a pint of water with a bit of soap). Makes sure to spray undersides of the leaves as well. You'll need to do it every few days - it isn't an instant solution

Alternatively you have quite an attractive spotted aspidistra or someone's been painting the ceiling :o)

3 Oct, 2013


Ha ha thanks - its something thats developed and isn't on all of the leaves. It looks to me like mould so i think you're right, i'll try your treatment. Do you know what might have caused it?

3 Oct, 2013


If those spots are clumps of sticky fuzz, it might be mealybugs.

3 Oct, 2013


Fungal infections are generally connected with warm, damp conditions, not enough air circulating, and such like. Spores could come in from anywhere.

3 Oct, 2013


They do look a bit fuzzy...

4 Oct, 2013


Just looked up mealybugs, dont think its them

4 Oct, 2013

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