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Worcestershire, United Kingdom Gb

We have a huge leylandi outside our sitting room window which must come out. However it acts as an excellent screen from our neighbour's front door. As I realise we won't be able to get the stump out easily to plant something else, could I use a huge tub/pot and plant something that will give some screening but will thrive in a pot? Any suggestions?



Could you chop it off at 6-8 foot high so that if you want to get it out you'll have something to get hold of. In the meantime if you leave the twiggy bits on the stump so you could grow a climber up it.

21 Feb, 2010


If the spot in question is warm and sheltered, a bay tree would grow quite happily in a pot. Being evergreen, you would have an all-year round screen

21 Feb, 2010

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