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Sweet Peas Again. I still haven't quite got it. These pics taken today. Tallest about 22/23 cm or 9" some have tendrils. When to I have to do anything such as pinch out? Sorry to be so slow...duh 8~/ Hope you can see their stage of growth from these pics. We first time mums are such worriers:-)

On plant Lathyrus odoratus

Dscf0001 Dscf0006 Dscf0007



They look a bit spindly, Ba - as if they haven't got enough light. Yes, pinch out the growing points of each one ASAP. This should help them to bush out.

You might have to start supporting them, as they're so tall, with little sticks....and great care not to bruise the stems. OK?

21 Feb, 2010


I've taken them down to their first set of leaves, hope that's ok?? If I have to put little sticks in won't it damage their roots? I'm thinking of asking you to be godmother Spritz:-)

21 Feb, 2010


Lol Ba! Mine were like this last year...and I did the same, it checked them but then off they went again, much sturdier...:o)

21 Feb, 2010


My new little plastic greenhouse has arrived, not put it together yet, it will fit in my porch which will give the sweet pea babies a bit of a shock as the bedroom is warm, the porch isn't but it should be lighter. Will this slow down their rate of growth? Should I keep the plastic down in the plastic greenhouse or will that cut down too much on light. Janey they may get a complex if everyone laughs at them and go bad ways:-( I keep telling them they're beautiful. Spritz called them spindly! Maybe I won't ask her to be godmother:-)

21 Feb, 2010


Oh, sorry, little babies - I'll try to think of another word to describe you!

Ba - they are pretty hardy, so your plastic greenhouse would do very nicely. It doesn't matter if they slow down a bit - there's plenty of time until plant-out time!

22 Feb, 2010


Thanks Spritz, I'll be a lot more relaxed next time, if there is a next time lol:-)

22 Feb, 2010


Tee...hee.... Ba! Sure the babies will like the light best and if they slow down as Spritz says that's good, (She has their best interests at heart...Lol)

I don't think I would roll the plastic door the porch they'll be fine...:o)

22 Feb, 2010


Please may I still be their godmother??? Please??? Pretty please???

22 Feb, 2010


Lol may have blotted your copy-book...but I'm sure Ba will come round in the end...:o)))

22 Feb, 2010


Ok Spritz, I realise you were only saying it for their own good:-)

22 Feb, 2010


My //sweet Peas were sown 2 weeks ago, no signs of any growth yet . They had to go in the garage while new double glazing was fitted so I've probably lost all hope of any flowers. If i bring them indoors tomorrow they may be thankful !

22 Feb, 2010


They're probably in hiding, Megan! lol.

Thank you, Ba. :-0)))

22 Feb, 2010

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