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cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

To prune or not to prune that is the Question.
I have a Cotinus coggygria [Golden Spirit] it is 5ft high and needs to be about 4ft can I prune it now or wait till spring



Wait till spring, as growth begins, or even once its in full swing. Then you can see any scraggly bits better, and if you prune now and the weather remains mildish, you may get new growth which you really don't want this time of year.

4 Oct, 2013


Thanks...I'll take your advice and wait till spring. plus it's raining stair rods outside at the moment :0((

4 Oct, 2013



4 Oct, 2013


Two things I have found with cotinus.

Firstly, they respond very well to cutting back, even spouting from thick trunks.

Secondly, they produce a lot of new shoots when they do sprout. It may be necessary to rub out some of the new
shoots with a fingernail, while they are still very small, to avoid a whole cluster of new growths.

4 Oct, 2013


Good to Know.....
Thanks Andrew

6 Oct, 2013

How do I say thanks?

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