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I have a small (very small) wild flower "meadow" patch, about 8ft x 12ft, sown with Silene, Cerinthe, Ox-Eye Daisies, vetches, etc. Last year it was invaded by Cow Parsley which completely obliterated all the others except the Ox-Eye Daisies. I'm attempting to weed out all signs of Cow Parsley, but am wondering whether to dig the patch over, or will that just make things worse?



that will make things worse as the cowparsley has a small tap root abit like a dandelion. Spot weedkill the cowparsley and dead head before it can self seed. or use a daisy grubber tool/old knife to remove the tap root.

4 Oct, 2013


Thanks very much Eileen! I had a feeling digging would make things worse . . . last year 3 different people dug the patch over, and it didn't make a scrap of difference to the Cow Parsley. I will do as you suggest once the soil is more manageable (i.e. wetter :)).

4 Oct, 2013


Get some yellow rattle in, too, to weaken the grasses.

6 Oct, 2013


I was just thinking that too Hortum . . . many thanks!

6 Oct, 2013

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