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Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi, we have a lovely collection of Iris foetidissima. The pods are still beautiful but I am unsure what care the plant needs in terms of pruning, cutting out old leaves etc. Many thanks, Allie

On plant Iris foetidissima



You have almost answered your own question. Yes, just cut back damaged and dying leaves as and when they appear. I think the cut ends smell like beef stock!. Presumably, this is where the foetidissima part of the name comes from.

22 Feb, 2010


Unless you want millions of the dratted things all over your garden, cut off the seed pods before the seeds get taken by the birds and spread.....................................everywhere.

22 Feb, 2010


I couldn't agree more, have removed them all !

22 Feb, 2010


Have you ever noticed the flowers? They are so delicately coloured that most people wouldn't notice them. Watch out for them this year.

22 Feb, 2010

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