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By David2

Stirlingshire, United Kingdom Gb

my seedling sweet peas are too far on, how can I hold them back



This will be temperature related then. A bit more info from you would help but I guess they are inside? They need to be put somewhere cooler but still in good light.

22 Feb, 2010


they are in a cool bedroom window, light not great, I cannot put them in greenhouse, it's too cold, could I nip out the tips? make a cold frame from some polystyrene boxes and polycarbonate sheet and put in a sheltered spot outside?

22 Feb, 2010


You will be surprised how hardy they are. Surprisingly, they can take a few degrees of frost though normally only once hardened off first.

Have you nipped them back yet?

I have just done a quick search and you should get all you need to know from here:

Good luck with them David.

22 Feb, 2010


I'd pinch them back too are they still in seed trays or potted off

22 Feb, 2010


My autumn-sown seedlings are all out in a cold frame and doing fine ... I pinched them right back as was also concerned they were growing too much too soon, and they've started to get bushier. My cold frame is a very cheap plexiglass type affair against a warm side wall. If you haven't already done so, I would pinch the tips out.

23 Feb, 2010

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