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Wizard of Oz Plant Names


By David

Fife, Scotland Sco

Can anyone suggest plant (including fruit & veg) varieties whose names would suit our Wizard of oz theme for next year? I have some, including radish "Rainbow Mixed" and Spinach "Tornado". I cannot, however, find any flowering plant named "Dorothy", although there MUST be one. Help?



There is a rambler rose called Dorothy Perkins. It has pink flowrs in late summer and can reach 10 feet

12 Sep, 2007


Mimulus is Monkey Flower, but not flying ones!

12 Sep, 2007


Other Rainbow ideas are Rainbow Chard and Phormium Rainbow types. HTH!

13 Sep, 2007


Hi David - I've been looking through the T&M seed catalogue and I found 'Whirlybird' nasturtiums and 'Storm'' petunias for the tornado?) also 'Rainbow mixed' petunias. Hope this is of interest!

13 Sep, 2007


many, many thanx to you all for the suggestions, and effort. I have no doubt that they will be featuring in next year's garden! I am sure I can make the Mimulus "fly" by planting in hanging baskets, I love the name "Storm" petunias, and am looking at chard "Rainbow" or "Bright Lights" for colour in the veggy plot. Have spent all evening online researching. I have seen the Dorothy Perkins rose, it is similar to the pink one we have called "Dreamland". Have also found Rainbow Mixed F1 carrots for the veggy garden!. Once again, many thanx 2uall! - David

13 Sep, 2007


there's also Leonotis leonurus - which is 'Lion's Ear' - a borderline in hardiness perennial, 3-5 ft tall with lovely velvety orange flowers in late summer. Roses 'Rainbow Magic' and Yellow Dream' could be good. Fuchsia 'Little Witch' or 'Dorothy' or Bergenia 'The Wiz'.

17 Sep, 2007


Hi, Hoya! What brilliant tips for plants. Have been googling and googling, still trying to find supliers. These HAVE to be in our garden next year. Many thanx!

19 Sep, 2007


Use the RHS plantfinder, there's sure to be either a nursery within travelling distance or a mail-order one for your plants. Here's the address...

Click on 'Plants', then on 'RHS Plantfinder' and type in the plant you're looking for, Bob's your uncle!!!

20 Sep, 2007


Hi David great idea, have you got "Geranium 'Storm Chaser', good luck please update us with pix,, 8~))

26 Jul, 2010


Hi, "Teddy". You just found our garden theme from 2-3 years ago, so no longer have it ;-((.

Haven't heard of this variety b4, so great to add to the lists we keep, should we ever do a "Return to Oz" theme. Many Thanks for this! :-))

26 Jul, 2010

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