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I have a north-facing balcony (3'x5') on the fourth floor of a central London flat, overlooking a tree-lined that has quite a bit of taxi and bus traffic. Though my flat is at the "treetop" line, I wonder if it is safe to grow and eat tomatoes in an "urban garden-ette".



As long as you wash them thoroughly before you eat them they should be fine. The fumes may discourage blight!! This used to work for Rose black spot before smokeless fuel!

22 Feb, 2010


Yup absolutely fine. The problem used to be that the lead in petrol fumes was taken up by plants and concentrated in the fruit - which always worried me about wine grapes next to busy motorways. But now that we are lead free you can go for it with avengeance.

22 Feb, 2010


If its north-facing you might not have much luck! Tomatoes need the sun.

22 Feb, 2010

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