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By Racheal

London, United Kingdom Gb

Please can anyone help with houseplant advice. I have a large peace lily which my husband foolishly placed too close to the radiator last winter. I have done my best to save it but even the new leaves continue to turn brown and go crispy. Is it doomed?



You could put it in a saucer and then stand that saucer in a larger saucer filled with water (this way the plant is not waterlogged). The evaporating moisture keeps the plant humid and helps alleviate the problem. Trim off any brown bits of leaf or the whole leaf if its a large patch.

22 Feb, 2010


It may also be in need of repotting

22 Feb, 2010


Drafts can also cause leaves to go brown, but if it is large as you say it could be in need of repotting/dividing.

22 Feb, 2010


Thanks everyone. I have re-potted it because I wanted to check if the roots had cooked. I will try the moisture idea. That makes good sense. Also I will check for drafts that may well be an issue.
cheers folks happy gardening.

22 Feb, 2010


You're welcome :o)

22 Feb, 2010


And - sadly, remeber that plants do come to the end of their planty life and need to move on to compost and being a new plant

23 Feb, 2010

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